Harvesting completed

February 16, 2017

Logging in the Strathbogie forest completed.

VicForests has completed a timber harvesting operation in the Strathbogie State Forest.

VicForests’s Stakeholders and Planning general manager Lachlan Spencer said the operation was completed without complications and the site would now begin regenerating.

‘‘This operation has successfully produced a range of high quality timber flooring and furniture as well as timber which will be used for firewood,’’ he said.

The trees that were selected from this area will contribute to the growing demand for timber products in the local area.

‘‘All timber from this operation will be used locally in Victoria,’’ Mr Spencer said.

‘‘With the single-tree selection harvesting method we are not required to burn the area to stimulate re- growth.

‘‘The single-tree selection method that was used for this operation is low-intensity and leaves more trees behind than are taken.

‘‘The younger trees will now begin to grow larger into future sawlogs and the older habitat trees have been left for native wildlife.

‘‘Contractors will help one part of the site to regrow by using a bulldozer to mechanically disturb the area to stimulate re-growth,’’ he said.

VicForests has no current plans to commence further harvesting operations in the Strathbogies. The community will be notified once any future plans have been finalised.

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