Snake takes refuge from heat in house

February 16, 2017

Unwelcome guest: An eastern brown snake escapes the heat on Friday inside an airconditioned building.

Benalla man Rene Martens had a rude shock while working in a Mooroopna house on Friday when he spotted a 1.5m eastern brown snake on the inside of a sliding door.

‘‘I still have no idea how it got in and I was actually working on a server on the floor and got up to get some tools to open the box up when I heard a thump and turned to see what it was — and I saw this eastern brown near the door,’’ he said.

‘‘I just had to wait to see what it would do. It was trying to get out and kept hitting the glass.

‘‘Eventually it stopped and started to head my way, so I just waited and it then took off to a cupboard where the hot water system is.

‘‘The snake catcher came and was able to extract it from behind the heater.’’

Snake catcher Craig Bergman said it was not uncommon to see snakes move indoors when the weather warmed up.

‘‘They can’t get around when it’s too hot. We can’t walk barefoot across the bitumen and it’s same for the snakes, it burns their body,’’ he said.

Mr Bergman said two weeks ago he had a similar incident in Shepparton where a tiger snake managed to get into someone’s bedroom.

‘‘They weren’t happy about that,’’ he said.

The Merrigum-based snake catcher said if people spotted a snake in their home or business they should remain calm and call a snake catcher and keep an eye on the snake’s movements.

People can can phone Mr Bergman for snake removal on 0428300210.

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