Clean out your closet

September 21, 2017

The Red Cross shop in Benalla needs summer clothing donations.

Benalla’s Red Cross shop is asking the community to de-clutter their wardrobes to fit the new season’s purchases — and donate everything that no longer fits to them.

Volunteer June Brooks said the shop needed clothing, especially summer clothes.

She said at this time of year a lot of winter gear came in, which has to be stored until next year before it could be sold.

Ms Brooks said donations should be made during business hours and requested that people did not leave bags of clothes outside.

‘‘I’ve had to lock the red bins here as people think they’re for donations,’’ Ms Brooks said.

‘‘When people do want to donate we ask them to come in when we’re open.’’

When you donate clothes you no longer wear, or for which you do not have room, Red Cross is able to sell them to raise money for vital support services, helping people when times are tough.

Red Cross head of retail Richard Wood said when making your next fashion purchase, consider the one in, one out rule and donate your high-quality pieces to Red Cross shops.

‘‘We’re particularly grateful for spring and summer items, so we can stock affordable and stylish fashion over the coming months,’’ Mr Wood said.

‘‘Rather than let your unwanted clothes end up as landfill, take them to a Red Cross shop where they can really make a difference.

‘‘While you’re in-store donating, take the opportunity to pick up a new outfit.

‘‘We have something for everyone — from the fashionista looking for unique vintage pieces through to the budget conscious shopper who’s after affordable everyday necessities.’’

●The Red Cross shop in Benalla is at 59 Carrier St, any donations can be made in store between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday or on a Saturday morning.

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