School flies its flags

October 20, 2017

State member for Euroa Steph Ryan visited Broken Creek Primary School last Wednesday to present principal Rebecca Newham and her pupils with three new flags.

‘‘Their last Australian flag got quite old and tatty so they now have a new one, along with a Torres Strait Island and Aboriginal flag,’’ Ms Ryan said.

‘‘I think it’s an important thing for the school to actually be able to fly three flags which are nationally significant and to be able to recognise the heritage of the indigenous people and the Pangerang as the traditional owners of the area.’’

Broken Creek Primary School is making an effort to attract new students with the launch of a playgroup on Fridays.

Ms Newham said Ms Ryan’s visit was a good opportunity to host a barbecue for staff, pupils and their families.

She said it was also a great time to announce the launch of the new playgroup, which starts on Friday for children aged up to five.

‘‘The parent stays with the child, but they can all meet and have morning tea and chat with each other,’’ she said.

The playgroup will run from 9.30am to 11am and children will be able to engage in fun, hands-on activities with a qualified teacher.

Ms Ryan said initiatives like the playgroup were a great way to show off the school to future pupils and their families.

‘‘Some of our smaller schools are struggling a little bit with numbers and I think we need to put a real effort into attracting new families,’’ she said.

‘‘I’m really pleased that Broken Creek are trying to do that with starting their new playgroup on Fridays.

‘‘I think that it’s a great idea to make sure that families in the area with young kids know that the school is here and is a great option for them.

‘‘I went to a small primary school and I think that there are some really wonderful advantages to having such a small group of kids.’’

Ms Newham said the school had one teacher for every six pupils.

‘‘It works really well and I think a lot of parents might source smaller schools for that better student-teacher ratio. I know I would — my kids go to a small school,’’ she said.

‘‘Some kids can get lost in the system at a bigger school. We can do things differently in a small classroom.

‘‘As we’ve got a small amount of students, we’ve been able to do a lot of gardening out the front, we can come out, we can take them and do cooking.

‘‘It’s much more hands-on. Like the art teacher yesterday, she did it all outside on a little table in the sunshine. The kids were all interacting. It was great.’’

●If any parents in the Broken Creek or Benalla area are interested in the playgroup they should phone the school on 57641253.

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