New NBN service launched

October 27, 2017

NBN Co has launched a new service aimed at improving the customer experience for regional Australians, but Labor say it is nothing more than a poor PR exercise.

Federal Shadow Minister for Regional Communications Stephen Jones MP said regional Australia was fed up with the spin, the NBN ping-pong and worthless advertising.

‘‘People want answers and they want solutions, above all, they just want their broadband services to work,’’ Mr Jones said.

‘‘There are very real problems with the NBN being rolled out under Malcolm Turnbull, particularly in regional areas.

‘‘Australia can’t afford to keep spending billions on an NBN that is not delivering.’’

Mr Jones said he had written to NBN executives calling on them to provide further details on NBN Local and how it will benefit local communities.

NBN Co say that the NBN Local team will focus on educating residents and businesses about the status of the network, what they need to do to connect and what choices they have when switching over.

The nationwide team will spend time on the ground in regional locations across the country to better understand the NBN at a community level.

NBN Local will employ an extended team of network engineers and specialists in key regional hubs to work with customer service representatives to help identify and resolve issues in a timely manner.

The NBN access network is more than two-thirds built in regional Australia and up to 100000 new properties are being added each week.

The launch of NBN Local follows a number of other initiatives designed to help improve customer experience including:

●improved installation techniques;

●advanced fault detection;

●enhanced case management; and

●a national awareness campaign.

NBN Local general manager Peter Gurney said the creation of the service was another step in NBN Co’s ongoing commitment to improve its customer experience.

‘‘We’ll be providing dedicated staff who understand the needs and issues of local communities around the country,’’ Mr Gurney said.

‘‘The rollout of the NBN access network is one of the biggest transformations to Australia’s telecommunications industry to ever occur.

‘‘It represents a significant change for consumers and businesses as they make the move to the new network.

‘‘With the rollout more than halfway complete and around three million homes and businesses now connected, it is more important than ever that we continue to educate local communities on the status of the build, what they need to do to connect as well as how to resolve any issues.

‘‘Although retail service providers should always be the first point of contact for any resident or business having issues with their broadband connection, the new NBN local team will be dedicated to working with local stakeholders and community groups to help ensure problems are identified early and addressed.’’

The NBN access network is scheduled to be three quarters built by halfway through next year, and complete by 2020.

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