Benalla crime round up

November 01, 2017

Lock your car

Police are reminding the public to lock their cars and secure their car keys after two sets were stolen from unlocked cars between October 27 and 29.

The first car was parked in Coish St for a short time while the owner moved another car when two youths rode by and stole the keys from the ignition, before riding off.

The second car was parked in a private driveway in Dunn St Benalla during the weekend.

The owner left the keys in the ignition and the car was possibly left unlocked when the offender stole the keys.

●If you witnessed either theft, phone Benalla Police Station on 57600200 or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000 or visit

Car damaged

Police are appealing for witnesses after a car was damaged while parked near the intersection of Barley St and Gray St between October 28 and 29.

All the right side panels, the bonnet and the boot were scratched and damaged.

●If you heard or saw anything suspicious around these times, phone Benalla Police Station on 57600200 or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000 or visit

Public exposure

A 53-year-old male was fined for urinating in the street during the weekend in Benalla after a member of the public saw the male.

Offensive behaviour — exposing your genitals, bottom, breasts, or swearing in a public place — will be treated as a criminal offence.

Drink driving

A 53-year-old male driver was detected exceeding the legal alcohol limit after being stopped at a random breath testing site in Benalla on Thursday night.

The driver was taken back to the Police station where he returned a result of .077, which is over the legal limit of .05

Benalla Police will be blitzing drink driving and other offences right up to Christmas, and will be conducting random breath testing sites throughout the Benalla area.


Benalla Police have been busy during the past few days with four people being arrested for outstanding arrest warrants.

Remember — if you have an outstanding warrant you should attend a police station to have it sorted out before police start knocking on your door.

Suspicious behaviour

Benalla Police are urging the community to report suspicious behaviour after a car window was smashed in Perth St, Benalla, between October 1 and 2.

Reporting suspicious behaviour could assist in solving a crime or stopping a crime in progress.

●You could report it to 000 while it is in progress, or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000 or by visiting

Fitness to Drive

It is important for people to understand the limitations and impact of ageing on driving, what steps can be taken to assist them in remaining mobile and safe and when it is time to stop driving.

As part of the ageing process, people may experience a decline in flexibility, strength, eyesight and hearing, as well as a decline in cognitive skills, such as the ability to focus on multiple tasks or to judge the speed of vehicles and gaps in traffic.

Some medical conditions that impact on driving are also more common with age.

All drivers, irrespective of age, have a responsibility to ensure they are fit and safe to be driving.

●For more information, phone your local Police station or VicRoads.

Motel broken into

The Executive Hideaway Motel on Samaria Rd was broken into at some point between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning.

Someone has gained access to a room and has stolen a number of items including a clock, a bedside lamp, a TV, pillows, blankets and towels.

Investigators believe the incident is unrelated to the spate of vandalism on Monday morning and are appealing for witnesses who might have seen something.

●If you saw anything or have any information, phone Benalla Police Station on 57600200 or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000 or visit

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