Police probe spree

November 01, 2017

Vandals smashed a door at Sports Power in Bridge St.

KFC was also vandalised.

Thieves gained access to the Bridge St Caltex and food items were stolen.

A crime spree stuck Benalla in the early hours of Monday morning with several businesses having windows and doors smashed, while items were stolen from a petrol station.

At some time between 3am and 5.15am a glass door was kicked in at Sports Power in Bridge St.

Sports Power owner Graham Parker said the police were on the scene quickly and he did not believe anything was stolen.

‘‘They just smashed the door, I’m quite sure nothing was taken,’’ Mr Parker said.

‘‘The police have taken fingerprints and we’re just waiting on them for more information.’’

A door was also kicked in at KFC on the corner of Smythe St and Bridge St.

A glass panel in the bottom half of the door was smashed and it looked like the door had been forced open, however, it appears no-one gained access to the building.

A person did manage to gain access to the Caltex petrol station on Bridge St and food items were stolen.

In order to gain entry a glass door was smashed in.

An adjoining business, Benalla Bait and Tackle, which is attached to the Caltex by an internal door was not broken into.

Investigators have CCTV footage taken from the Caltex Petrol Station, which shows a male on his own, however, it is unclear if anyone else was involved in vandalism at the other locations.

●Police are asking witnesses to phone them at Benalla Police station on 57600200 or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000 or visit

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