Captains named

November 24, 2017

FCJ College has named its captains for next year — and they cannot wait to start.

FCJ College has named its captains for next year — and they cannot wait to start.

Co-captains Ethan Viant and Michaela Humphries were named at the beginning of term four, after a long process of getting the top job.

Ethan and Michaela were nominated by their peers as two of 12 potential candidates for 10 positions of leadership around the school next year.

Following their nomination, the two gave passionate speeches at a Year 11 assembly to swing the votes of students, before heading to interviews with heads of staff, along with principal Joanne Rock and deputy Joseph Mount.

Ethan said he would have been happy with a vice-captain role, or even a head of faculty, but was stoked to be named co-captain.

‘‘I’m very happy that I’m a captain. I really wasn’t sure what position I’d be offered, so that’s great,’’ he said.

‘‘I wasn’t nervous during any of my interviews or speeches and I think that helped.

‘‘During my interview with the teachers I was last to go as it was done alphabetically, so I think I had less pressure as well.’’

Michaela said she was looking forward to making changes around the school for the betterment of students and teachers alike.

‘‘We meet once a week and have a sit-down discussion about anything that we think we can fix or any ideas people have,’’ she said.

‘‘Our theme for next year is collaboration. It’s the thing we think students across the whole school can get behind.

‘‘We really look forward to getting everyone involved next year.’’

Michaela said a big focus for her next year would be ‘‘positive education’’.

‘‘That means a focus on mental health as well as learning,’’ she said.

‘‘So things like taking a lesson on Friday afternoon to head to the Gardens to learn, or a class game of dodgeball, something like that.’’

Elsewhere in the school, two students have been named as captains of the music and arts faculty, two captains for sports, and two for social justice.

A further two have also been named as vice captains.

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