Broken-hearted and now robbed

December 06, 2017

A Benalla burglary victim is pleading with thieves to return her last connection to her recently-deceased partner.

A Benalla burglary victim is pleading with thieves to return her last connection to her recently-deceased partner.

Still mourning the death, the theft of two love letters has cut out another part of her broken heart.

The woman, who said she was now living in fear of retribution and would not be identified, said the items had no monetary value, but were some of her last tangible links with the love of her life.

They had been pinned to her fridge, so she would see them all the time.

‘‘This theft of my most personal items is what I’m struggling to come to terms with,’’ she said.

‘‘They took the letters from my fridge and then they took the CD recordings from the funeral and a spiritual smudge stick from my memorial table.

‘‘My plea is to their conscience, their human decency really. These things have no value to them, but are incredibly important to me. I don’t care at all if they return nothing else, I just need those three things — the letters, the CDs, and the memorial incense stick.’’

She is now using the Benalla Ensign to plead with the perpetrators to return the personal items to her personal PO Box — ‘‘no questions asked’’.

The resident said she would not ask who the items came from and did not want a return address.

The items can be sent to PO Box 95, Benalla.

The resident returned to Benalla from New Zealand last week, where she had gone to help care for her sister.

Reaching home after dark she was horrified to find she had been burgled.

‘‘They took a lot of possessions, my grandfather clock and the linen chest at the end of the bed, just to name a few,’’ she said.

The woman said three washing baskets from her house were used in the burglary.

‘‘I think it must have been at least two people, because some of the things like the grandfather clock are really heavy and couldn’t be lifted by just one person,’’ she said.

She ensured a family member went to the house each day to tend to the garden, which was how she knew the house was burgled either late in the afternoon or at night time on Sunday, November 19.

Police attended the incident at 2.30am last Tuesday and a forensic expert investigated the house.

A police representative said the investigation was ongoing.

●If you have any information that could help police, phone Crimestoppers on 1800333000.

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