Hard work pays off for students

December 21, 2017

Students across Benalla have celebrated the end of the school year with the return of their ATAR results.

Students across Benalla have celebrated the end of the school year with the return of their ATAR results.

It was a particularly sleepless night for two students in town — Benalla P-12 College’s Emily Thomas, and FCJ College’s Abbey Pearce.

The two Year 12 students were named Dux of their schools, after a superb year of results.

Brea Lancaster of P-12, and Taylah Kirk of FCJ, were named Proxime Accessit (second to the Dux).

Emily said she was relieved to have her results come through, after worrying they would not be as good as she initially hoped.

‘‘I checked them first thing, at about seven in the morning after not really being able to sleep,’’ she said. ‘‘I was kind of surprised, I’m happy but you always think you could’ve done better.’’

Emily said she was planning to take a working gap year, giving her time to save up for a Bachelor of Sports Science degree in Geelong in 2019.

After that she plans to tackle a masters degree in clinical exercise physiology.

FCJ Dux Abbey Pearce said she did not want to get her hopes up thinking she might be disappointed.

‘‘I thought I’d get around 81 and I needed 85 to get into my course. I was extra excited when I found out I got 92.55,’’ she said.

‘‘I was nervous all day yesterday, I was trying to do stuff around the house to keep my mind occupied.

‘‘Ever since Year 7 I’d seen the Dux do their speech and I’d thought maybe one day I could do that.

‘‘It’s been difficult, very stressful. It was definitely the most stressful year of my life for sure.’’

Taylah Kirk said she was excited to get her results, which will allow her to get onto her preferred course.

‘‘I got an 81, so I did well, it’s a decent score, now I’m planning on going to LaTrobe at Bendigo to study law and criminology,’’ she said.

Brea Lancaster said she was not disheartened by her results, but was hoping for a slightly better outcome after the hard work she had put in throughout the year.

‘‘It was okay, I was definitely hoping for a bit better to be honest,’’ she said.

FCJ College Principal Ms Joanne Rock said she was proud of this year’s students.

‘‘The kids here have really worked hard and have reaped the benefits of their study,’’ Ms Rock said.

‘‘I think that they are going to be able to pursue the futures that they were all dreaming of.’’

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