Special welcome to new citizens

February 01, 2018

Federal member for Indi Cathy McGowan.

Australia Day was, as always, an opportunity to celebrate what is great about living in Australia, and particularly in Indi.

Indi has a strong tradition of volunteering and being involved.

Congratulations to all those who received Australia Day awards in recognition of their generous efforts. A special welcome goes out to those who became new citizens. Welcome to Indi.

The issue of the date of Australia Day is something that can provoke a lot of passion.

Many people in Indi want to have a say on it.

My role is to represent the views of the people of Indi in parliament. In this instance it is particularly important to represent the views of the indigenous community.

I have had conversations with a number of Aboriginal people about this topic as well as generally.

While some individuals have strong opinions, there are concerns the topic is potentially divisive.

I am encouraging people to write to me with their views, with a commitment that I will forward their correspondence to the Prime Minister.

Our communities continue to offer many opportunities for everyone to make a contribution to the quality of our community life.

Can I take the opportunity to say ‘‘thanks’’ to all who work year round to make Australia such a wonderful place to live.

I hope you enjoyed the festivities at the local events around the electorate and had a happy Australia Day.

—Cathy McGowan, Federal Member for Indi

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