Adoption animals

February 10, 2018

Adoption dogs

Greyhound . Male. 3years old. Matey

Adoption cats and kittens

Short hair, Tabby, Female, 2 year old, ‘Minnie Meow’

Short Hair, White, Female, 2 years old, ‘Casey’

Short Hair, Tabby, Female, 7 years old, ‘Lizzy’

Short hair, Tabby, Female, 1 year, ‘Sadie’

Short Hair, Tabby and White, Female, 1 year, ‘Velma’

Short Hair, Grey Tabby, Female, 1 year, ‘Lady’

Short Hair, black/white, male, 10 years ‘Blackie’

Short hair, tabby, female, 1.5 years ‘Tabatha’

Short hair, Tabby, Female, 18 months, ‘Mildred’

Short hair, White/Black, Male, 3 years ‘Bobby’

Short hair, Tortoiseshell, Female, 2 years ‘Apple’

Short hair, Tabby/Torti, Female, 2 years ‘Blossom’

Short Hair, Tabby, Female, 4 years ‘Ash’

Short Hair, Black, Female, 2 years 6 months, ‘Milan’

Short Hair, Black, Male, 1 year, ‘Midnight’

Short Hair, Tabby, Female, 2 years, ‘Leia’

Various kittens, assorted colours — now available.

‚óŹWangaratta RSPCA, 1 Connell St, phone (03)57222874.

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