Friendships forged during action-packed camp

February 21, 2018

This group of excited youngsters participated in a variety of activities on their recent Year 7 Camp.

On February 7 Year 7 students at FCJ Collage departed for the annual Year 7 Orientation Camp, to Camp Howqua.

When we arrived we undertook many exciting activities that made us step outside our comfort zone and enjoy activities we wouldn’t usually do.

We started with the enormous waterslide called the Wedginator, which sent you plummeting down a steep waterslide at extreme speeds resulting in a mega wedgie followed by a huge shot of accomplishment and exhilaration.

After that all the students were sent off into their separate groups.

My first activity was horse riding.

My group and I went over to the arena put on our helmets and got assigned a horse.

My horse was called Babe.

She was a beautiful bay mare with a sweet personality and a gentle ride.

She was also, quite coincidently, the exact same horse my sister rode on her camp back in 2015.

After we were all ready and comfortable on our horses we went on a gorgeous trail ride through the streams and hills that Howqua is so well known for.

On day two of the camp we once again split off into our separate groups.

My group’s first activity was the flying fox.

It was about 200 metres of flying and to me I think that’s the closest thing to flying I have ever experienced.

Some people were a bit scared to go on it at first, but we all had a go in the end. It was so much fun!

After that we went and had a lunch of delicious pizza and chips before we all set off to our next activity, archery.

Archery was lots of fun because you got to put your skills in aim and strength to the test.

The activity staff even let us do a competition against each other to count down from 2000 trying to see who was the first person to 100.

After this my group went to the high ropes, which is a huge high wire course about 10 metres off the ground.

You get harnessed and buckled up before going up the ladder and walking on the wires.

That evening we had dinner and a disco, which was so much fun. We played lots of games before going to bed.

On day three my group had the survival course.

Basically, you get put into groups of two or three and have to run a course of obstacles, which are in either dirt, sand or muddy water.

It was so much fun because it is not something that you can do every day and it was probably one of my favourite activities.

We did all this before heading off home to FCJ, tired and wet but satisfied.

Camp Howqua was absolutely awesome and I loved every minute of it and I know other people did too.

I know lasting friendships were made and bucket lists were ticked off.

What a fantastic way to start high school.

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