Humble start

March 23, 2018

Mr A.G Rylah, The Mayor of Benala Cr. P. Messenger and Mrs Mary Kirkwood inspect the artwork at the new gallery.

Humble start

The Benalla City Council recognised the work of its steering committee which set about to establish the gallery in this city, and of the Chief Engineer, Mr K. Borley, in seeing that the establishment become fact.

Mayor of Benalla, Cr P. Messenger said that the council believed it had taken a step which would provide for the community a fine cultural centre situated in the foyer of the city library.

It was hoped that this humble start would bring greater appreciation and wider knowledge of art to the people of Benalla.

Cr Messenger said the Deputy Premier, and his government, had fostered and encouraged other councils, municipalities, in the development of cultural activities.

APEX sponsorship contributed

Apex has given the nucleus of a collection with its recent purchases.

Cr. Dade said that it was most essential to have a big permanent collection, but it was also essential to have people willing to make the gallery go, and essential to have exhibitions of a local nature to be shown.

He paid tribute to the assistance given by the National Gallery, the City Engineer and the chairman of the 11 galleries in Victoria.

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