Special morning tea

March 29, 2018

Grandparents Day at Benalla P-12 College.

Benalla P-12 College’s Avon and Waller campuses held a special morning tea to acknowledge their grandparents last week.

The students from Foundation to Year 2 invited their grandparents to school to be celebrated in front of their classmates.

Teacher Sarah Whiley said pupils had a great time and enjoyed showing their grandparents the work they had done this year.

‘‘Students welcomed their special guest, gave them a tour of the classroom and then shared some of the great work we have been doing so far this year,’’ Ms Whiley said.

‘‘Students in years 1 and 2 also conducted an interview about their relative’s life, to create an oral history.’’

The theme of the morning tea was a quote by Alex Haley: ‘‘Nobody can do for kids what grandparents do. Grandparents sprinkle star dust over the lives of little children.’’

Waller St Campus principal Heather Leary said with this quote in mind there was a fair bit of star-dust being sprinkled over the Campus last Wednesday morning.

‘‘When our grandparents descended on our campus and spread themselves through the Foundation, the years 1 and 2 classrooms, not only did they come to be impressed by their grandchildren’s learning and fantastic work, they also brought plates of beautiful morning tea to share,’’ Ms Leary said.

P-12 acting principal Paul Challis was delighted the morning tea was a success once again.

‘‘I personally would like to thank all the grandparents of our students,’’ Mr Challis said.

‘‘Grandparents are so important in the lives of their grandchildren, with a wealth of knowledge gained through their lifetime they can share with their grandchildren as they grow.’’

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