New limit reminder

May 09, 2018

Benalla police would like to remind drivers that since July 1 it has been illegal to pass an emergency vehicle that is stationary or moving slowly, at a speed that exceeds 40km/h.

As with all changes to road rules there is a period of time where motorists will have to adjust their behaviour, however with the 40km/h rule in place for more than eight months there is no excuse for drives to not adhere to it.

VicRoads gives this advice for motorists:

●You must slow down to a speed that would enable you to stop safely when approaching and passing enforcement, emergency or escort vehicles that are stationary or moving slowly (less than 10km/h), and have either red and blue flashing lights or magenta (purple flashing lights) or an alarm sounding.

●You must not exceed 40km/h when passing the vehicle and must not increase your speed until a safe distance from the scene.

The new road rule does not apply to vehicles on the opposite side of a divided road (separated by a median strip) from an emergency or enforcement vehicle scene.

A fire truck extinguishing roadside spot fires is an example of a slow moving emergency vehicle.

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