1800 visit Devenish silos

May 09, 2018

Since the official opening of the Devenish silos on April 24, more than 1800 people have signed the official visitor book.

Robyn Hooper, who is a member of the Devenish Silo Art Committee, said the amount of visitors had been incredible.

‘‘One that truly amazed us was a retired couple from Western Australia who came over to see the silos in the western district and saw the opening on the news and came over,’’ Ms Hooper said.

‘‘The interest and the stories from these type of people are wonderful.’’

The next project for Devenish Silos is to have the metal silo painted before Remembrance Day on November 11.

The image for that silo has been confirmed as a Light Horseman and horse, which will compliment the artwork on the existing two silos created by Cam Scale.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the silos yet take a trip out to Devenish and be the next person to sign the visitor book.

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