BPACC targeted

May 16, 2018

Trespassers attempted to gain access via the roof.

Trespassers broke into BPACC on Friday night causing thousands of dollars of damage before fleeing empty-handed.

During the night perpetrators entered via the roof and gained access to the ceiling crawl space while the venue was closed and locked.

Several holes were broken through interior ceiling panels, however, it is unclear if anyone climbed down into the ground floor of the building.

In spite of the damage, BPACC was able to open on Saturday and operate as usual.

Benalla Rural City Mayor Don Firth said this type of behaviour was disappointing.

‘‘BPACC is a venue for the whole community,’’ Cr Firth said.

‘‘That the actions of a few can damage the place that so many people enjoy is selfish and disappointing.’’

Police attended the scene on Saturday and are investigating what happened.

●If you have any information, phone Benalla Police on 57600200.

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