Panthers prevail

May 31, 2018

The All Blacks Georgia Spencer surrounded by North Wangaratta players on Saturday

A grade Panthers player Elyse Felstead helping to deliver the ball to the goal circle

All Blacks Bernie O'Brien applying defensive pressure for the Panthers


The Panthers went into the game knowing it was going to be a hard and physical one against determined opponent North Wangaratta.

From the first whistle the game was what was expected.

The Panthers’ defence end of Narissa Drane, Bernie O’Brien, Elyse Felstead and Rhiannon Teichert were a strong combination and managed a lot of turnovers. This put pressure on the midfield Erin Crook, Riki Ryan and Emma Sangster who managed the change up well.

The Panthers’ goalies Alara Jones and Georgia Spencer also came up against some very tough defence, and through hard work they managed to put goals on the board.

The game was won by the Panthers in good spirits against tough opponent North Wangaratta.

Final score: 32-22.


The B-grade girls had a tough match on their hands against the North Wangaratta girls this week, who just did not give an inch.

Some beautiful work in wing attack from Sarah Terry saw her grab intercepts when the opportunity arose, while Ebony in wing defence fought hard for everything and created turnovers for the team.

Final score: 53-35.

Awards went to Sarah Terry, Ebony Mathieson and Mel Murray.


The B-reserve girls were very slow at the start, allowing North Wangaratta to get an early run on.

It took until the final minutes of the quarter for the girls to warm up, and they had to work extra-hard to bridge the gap and finish the first quarter with the scores even.

From there the Panthers were strong down the court. Caitlyn Green was ever reliable to get the ball down the court from the defensive end, while Kellie McGill and Treena McNair worked well in the goals against some solid defence.

North Wangaratta came back in the final quarter, and the scores were even at 21 all with five minutes to go.

The Panthers stayed calm and collected under the pressure and took multiple intercepts to allow them to win 27-24. Jess Rigby was a constant presence throughout the game, being extra reliable when the pressure was on in the final quarter.

Awards went to Caitlyn Green, Kellie McGill, Jess Rigby and Treena McNair.


The Panthers had a tough battle against North Wangaratta. With plenty of defensive pressure at both ends, the attackers had to work hard for every goal.

At half-time the Panthers were six goals down and determined to fight hard in the last half. The third saw the Panthers score eight goals to the Hawks’ six.

The last quarter saw the Hawks fight back, and they won by 10 goals. Final score: 25-35.

Awards went to Paige Blaine, Rhianna London and Ella Woods


The under-15s started off a little unsteady on Saturday and made some basic errors. Once they settled into the game, the small mistakes became fewer and further between.

By the end of the game the Panthers were showing just how far they have come since the beginning of the season. Final score: 23-8. Awards went to Anna Howell, Patrick Timmers and Kayla Gracie.

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