Students learn about navigation

June 03, 2018

Benalla P-12 College Year 8 students enjoyed an adventurous day of bushwalking at Warby-Ovens National Park recently as part of an outdoor education class.

Outdoor education teacher Elyse Felstead said the students had been learning about navigation and map reading.

‘‘(They are) putting their skills to use to navigate their way on the multiple tracks of The Sunrise Walking Track Complex,’’ Ms Felstead said.

‘‘The class had wonderful weather on the day, with the sun shining and no rain.

‘‘The students enjoyed playing many games of camouflage, seeing the remnants of the past uses of the area, as well as spotting a few kangaroos.’’

The Year 8 outdoor education course provides students with a mix of theory work and practical skills sessions within class time, as well as three major excursions for the semester.

The students learn about navigation, survival, recreation and canoeing and the course focuses on developing basic skills and knowledge to participate in a safe and confident manner in a range of outdoor activities.

Acting principal Paul Challis said the outdoor education program was designed to empower students in challenging themselves in a variety of settings.

‘‘(It helps them) to develop a range of leadership and participation skills, and to provide a set of skills associated with the outdoors, camping and being self-sufficient and safe,’’ Mr Challis said.

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