Pudding’s journey

June 03, 2018

In 1976 two bikers set off on a road trip packing a pudding for a snack.

Now 42 year later, and in tragic circumstances, that pudding has made its way to Benalla.

On March 10 Benalla’s Luke Knox was killed in a motorcycle accident while riding with friends and family to a rally.

Luke’s family, knowing his passion for bikes, decided that at the funeral they would ask mourners to donate to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) instead of bringing flowers.

A massive $3160 was raised, and donated.

With bikers often taking trips across the country and into rural areas RFDS has a long history of assisting those who find themselves in trouble.

When Luke’s family contacted RFDS regarding the donation they were told about the ‘‘motorcycle pudding’’.

The ‘‘motorcycle pudding’’ is the same one that was packed for the aforementioned road trip all those years ago.

The men who had brought the pudding realised in the morning that they had forgotten to eat it.

As it was in a sealed container they decided to take it home and bring it next time.

On the next road trip the same thing happened and it became a running joke that the pudding always travelled with the bikers, but was never eaten.

For years after that the pudding was passed between different bikers and the rule was that if you carried the pudding on a trip, you had to donate to RFDS.

About 15 years ago the pudding started to deteriorate and was subsequently encased in resin to ensure it could continue travelling around Australia and continue to raise money.

The way the pudding’s next destination is decided is via a charity auction where a new custodian bids to get it, with all funds paid to RFDS.

In 2015 the pudding’s current custodian Steve Treloar took possession.

‘‘When I got it I rang numerous RFDS offices, but no-one knew about it, so I asked someone in their Sydney office to google the pudding,’’ Steve said.

‘‘She was amazed and said I should create an everyday hero account, so we could track the donations which came about because of the pudding.

‘‘Since then it has raised nearly $11000.

‘‘It helped raise a whole lot more prior to that date, we just don’t know how much.’’

After finding out about the pudding Ken and Sandra Knox, Luke’s parents, were put in contact with Steve and it was decided that the Knox family would take possession of it.

So Steve packed up the pudding and set off from his home in Merimbula on the near seven hour ride to Benalla.

When he arrived he headed straight for the cemetery and presented the pudding to Ken who placed it on Luke’s grave.

The pudding is with Ken and Sandra and it will travel with some of Luke’s friends to its next location at the Alpine Motorcycle Rally in June.

●You don’t have to be a biker to donate to the RFDS motorcycle pudding fund, which you can do at

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