Action-packed camp enjoyed

June 13, 2018

Benalla P-12 College Year 3 and 4 students recently returned from camp.

Benalla P-12 College years 3 and 4 students recently attended the school’s annual Fifteen Mile Creek Camp to participate in the week-long ‘‘Challenge and Grow Program’’.

The program encourages students to work through tasks that are designed to challenge them, and to build and encourage resilience and self-awareness.

They needed to persist when faced with a challenge and adapt their approach where first attempts were not successful.

Part of the activity included identifying the importance of including others in activities, groups and games.

As such, students worked on including others in their groups and respecting their opinions to work for a common goal.

Teacher Ann Weaire said the camp was full of activities from hiking, orienteering and team building to resilience activities.

‘‘(Students took part in) rock wall climbing, hut building, cooking over a camp fire, exploring lookouts and waterfalls and of course the flying fox at night,’’ Ms Weaire said.

‘‘Each day the students enjoyed amazing food and fell into their beds each night with exhaustion, well fed, happy and excited for the following day.

‘‘Students challenged and surprised themselves on their achievements by trying things they had never done before or overcoming their fears.

‘‘The constant chatter and conversation about the week at camp has shown how much everyone enjoyed the experience, but also how much they learnt and achieved.’’

All students involved said they had a great time.

‘‘I love this place, I want to stay here, but unfortunately I have to go back,’’ Rory said.

‘‘We cooked damper. It was lots of fun cooking damper,’’ Kristy said.

‘‘We went to a giant wooden see-saw. I stood up and was the leader and helped everyone,’’ Jai said.

Acting principal Paul Challis said the camp was a massive success.

‘‘At Benalla P-12 College we understand the importance of building resilience and self-awareness from an early age and are pleased to offer this camp on an annual basis,’’ Mr Challis said.

‘‘This links in with the other year levels experiences that our student have.

‘‘The camps and excursion experiences that we provide allow our students to expand their knowledge of the areas they visit and the world around them.’’

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