More vaccine due mid-July

June 13, 2018

GV Health immunisation nurse Jen Sutherland immunises a patient.

Benalla has run out of flu vaccine, with new supplies not expected until mid-July, but experts say this should mean we see less cases this year.

Amcal pharmacist Matt Crittenden said demand for shots had outweighed supply, even with suppliers being prepared for an increase in vaccinations.

‘‘I think the fact we have run out will lead to less cases of influenza because public awareness has been greater than usual,’’ Mr Crittenden said.

‘‘When the flu vaccine orders were made the wholesalers were prepared for greater volumes and even those volumes have been exceeded.

‘‘I can’t tell you exactly how many, but this means more people have been vaccinated this year.

‘‘And the more people are vaccinated, the less flu cases we should see.’’

This issue is not unique to Benalla with stock across the country running out.

Mr Crittenden said the present situation was because of greater public awareness, specifically following last year’s flu season, which saw high numbers of elderly people killed by the virus.

‘‘The demand has been amplified by last year’s situation,’’ Mr Crittenden said.

‘‘So there is less availability due to the significant number of people being vaccinated.

‘‘Running out of the vaccine can be seen as a negative, but it is a positive as greater awareness has led to the greatest number of vaccines in recorded history.

‘‘Which means there should be less influenza cases.’’

It would seem that last year’s terrible flu season and a proactive attempt to get more people vaccinated was the shot in the arm the public needed, and we should hopefully see less cases this season.

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