Benalla burglaries reduced but state on the rise

By Simon Ruppert

The rate of burglaries in Benalla has been dropping significantly for the past four years - bucking the state trend.

Three Victorian homes are burgled every hour according to new research by RACV.

And this year the state average showed that one in every 91 home was targeted in a 12-month period.

In the 3672 postcode area that figure was one in 192. In the neighboring 3673 area only one in 641 homes were broken into.

And for Benalla these figures have improved year-on-year since 2016, when one out of every 98 homes was burgled.

RACV’s annual Burglary Statistics report uses Victoria Police data and has found the following:

● 23.6 per cent of burglaries are through a forced/broken door, and 13.7 per cent through an unlocked/open door.

● 28 per cent of Victorians still feel as though their local area is less safe than it was five years ago.

● The number of criminal incidents for residential burglary/break and enter decreased by 11 per cent to 26 444 offences for the year ending June 2019.

● Non-aggravated burglary is down 13 per cent since 2018 and aggravated burglary is down .03 per cent.

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According to the research, three-quarters of Victorians (75 per cent) feel most safe in their home, reflecting a broader issue with crime outside the home.

In the past 12 months, the number of offences recorded increased by 7640.

The number of recorded offences has increased 35.4 per cent (or by 134 608 offences) from the year ending June 2010.

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RACV general manager Raymond Orre said Victorians’ perceptions of crime were symptomatic of wider concerns in their community, but he believed there were ways Victorians could feel safer at home and in their neighbourhoods.

“Until crime rates are at zero, there is still reason for concern and more importantly, action,” Mr Orre said.

“We found that one in five people surveyed have sophisticated home security solutions, but rarely or never keep them activated or in working order.

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“Regular checks and system tests are a simple a way to maintain peace of mind in the home.

“Positively, one in five people already believe that their neighbours look out for them, and in turn, they look out for their neighbours.

“Notifying your neighbours when you’re out of the home, asking them to check your mail or put out your bins can be a helpful deterrent for criminals and helps to foster a stronger sense of community.

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“Thankfully, there are a few simple measures that Victorians can adopt to reduce their own chances of being burgled, such as locking their doors and windows at all times, which around 22 per cent of Victorians currently only do some of the time.”

RACV is a member of Safety Alliance Victoria, a partnership between Victoria Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers and Federation University Australia, which aims to reduce residential burglaries in Victoria.

● To see how your suburb ranks against others, click here.