Fibres, Yarns and Textiles Through Time

By Corowa Free Press

Local artist Margaret Wilmot is holding an exhibition titled Fibres, Yarns and Textiles Through Time at Gallery 294 in Corowa. 

This exhibition showcases the techniques using wool, silk other fibres learnt, developed and explored over the years. Margaret came to Corowa over 40 years ago and soon developed a love for the wonderful natural coloured wools available in the area. 

She quickly learned to spin, weave, dye and felt producing wall hangings, sculptures and clothing. She was an foundation member of the Corowa Spinners and Weavers group and Easter Exhibition committee.

Over the years Margaret has continued to produce and exhibit very saleable artwork which has found its way all over the world. She has widely taught textile techniques through workshops with children and adults.

In 2007 Margaret helped to form Corowa Arts Co-operative and Gallery 294. This exhibition brings together the many wonderful ways of working with wool to produce texture, colour and form.

The exhibition is on until July 28th at 294 Honour Avenue Corowa. The gallery is open 10am till 4pm every day except Sunday with free entry.