Zane enrolled at St Joe’s for a day as the principal

By Lachlan Durling

ZANE Perri’s dream had always been to own his own business — and he’s done that by building a successful mail and courier service in town.

But there was something else he wanted to accomplish, a role that had been irking him.

He wanted to be a school principal.

And thanks to the annual principal for a day (sp4d) event run by Principals Australia Institute, he had the opportunity to try his hand at running a school — St Joseph’s College Echuca more specifically.

Current principal at St Joseph’s, Michael Delaney, said Zane was a natural fit for the program.

‘‘Zane has developed a close relationship with the College through his business, Zane’s Mail Delivery and Pick Up Service,’’ Mr Delaney said.

‘‘To the joy of our office staff, Zane reliably brings our mail every day of the week and has developed a really special relationship with us.

‘‘Zane’s dream to be the principal of St Joseph’s College came to us one day as part of the regular mail delivery.

‘‘When our business manager opened the mail, she found a letter from Zane himself.’’

In his letter, Zane said it would be a dream come true to be the principal of the college.

‘‘So, we decided Zane could be the principal,’’ Mr Delaney said.

And just like that, it was done. On Tuesday, September 4, Zane became principal of St Joseph’s College, Echuca.

It’s a title he didn’t take lightly, participating in activities a school principal would do on a daily basis. And if the students thought they could slack off — they were back at it as Zane toured the school to check all the students were on task.

He also had the opportunity to interview the current acting co-principals and have morning tea with the Year 12 college leaders.

There were also a few suggestions to improve morale, and his recommendations to have cordial in the bubble taps and play Slim Dusty’s Duncan over the P.A have been taken on board.

‘‘We couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic and loyal principal,’’ Mr Delaney said.

‘‘Thanks Zane for your contribution to our school on your day as principal — and every other day you walk through our school gates.’’