Tiffany says it how it is

By Simon Ruppert

Benalla’s Tiffany Nicholas was a contestant on last night’s Take Me Out on Channel 7 after being head-hunted for the show.

With the program filmed more than two months ago Tiffany has been eagerly awaiting the broadcast.

‘‘They rang me earlier in the year. I got scouted as they had been looking at my social media. I do a youtube channel, so they asked me to apply,’’ she said.

Tiffany described the experience as incredible and said in spite of the competitive nature of the show she had made some lifelong friends.

‘‘It was amazing, it was definitely an experience. Just meeting all the girls was amazing,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s very different to other shows where the girls are in competition with each other.

‘‘This was focused on a group going out and everyone got along really well.

‘‘The thing I liked the most about it is all different shapes and sizes.

‘‘It was all different types of girls and that was refreshing.

‘‘Meeting Joel was also fantastic, he is so funny.

‘‘He is awesome, he is exactly like he is on TV. I wasn’t sure what he would be like, but he’s exactly the same off-air, very witty.

‘‘He’s actually a lot taller than people think he’s really tall. All the contestants look short compared to him.

‘‘He keeps in contact too, and messages occasionally. He’s really nice, he was like our gay best friend.’’

Luckily the show aired last night, so Tiffany didn’t have to hold back on any spoilers.

‘‘I come on when another girl leaves on a date. So I’m the new girl. That’s what they were calling me,’’ she said.

‘‘It was so full on. It’s all a bit of a blur now. There were a few performances from some of the guys.

‘‘They all have different skills and they do tricks and stuff like that.’’

One part of the show that Tiffany had no problem with was the part when she had to ‘‘Buzz-Out’’.

‘‘I’m pretty brutal and honest. I just say how it is. You buzz-out and try not to be too mean in your responses, but I am pretty honest,’’ she said.

‘‘I don’t have a filter that’s my biggest problem. There were a lot of faces I pulled and it was very obvious what I thought of them.

‘‘The boys had the chance to buzz you out as well... And I thought it would be pretty brutal being rejected, but the show is light and funny and that’s all part of it. It’s nothings personal, its not too serious.

‘‘I did tell one guy what I thought of him, whether that makes it to air, or not, I don’t know. I m pretty good at telling people what I think.’’

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Tiffany is also on YouTube, you can subscribe to her channel — Tiffazaz