A healthy mindset conquers all

By Campaspe News

SOMETIMES it’s hard to find the motivation or time to exercise.

Sometimes you feel as though it’s not worth putting in the effort to go to the gym because you’re not seeing the results.

But a lot of it isn’t about pumping weights or running for hours, its about taking care of yourself mentally and the rest will follow.

This was the topic of conversation at information sessions run by former-Rochester Olympic athlete turned personal trainer Heidi Riordan and three-time world aerobic champion Sue Stanley on Wednesday.

Sue told her story of how, even as a fit and healthy athlete, she was struck down by disease.

‘‘I was in a car accident and taken to hospital. My injuries weren’t severe and I wondered why they had kept me in hospital longer than anyone else,’’ Sue said.

‘‘They called my parents in and asked why the doctors hadn’t been told I had diabetes ... it was a shock.’’

Sue said her life had changed, but she wouldn’t let her diabetes get her down despite it being in her every thought at almost every moment.

Heidi, a personal trainer, said a lot of her clients wanted to lose weight but felt they needed to exercise and change their diets dramatically.

‘‘It’s not all just about changing everything. You need to nourish your body and mind and then you’ll notice the changes coming along with them,’’ she said.

‘‘You don’t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love, it’s about portion sizes,’’ Sue said.

‘‘Instead of having toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a big bowl of pasta for tea, which is a lot of carbs, you need to balance and plan your day so you can still have that pasta for dinner, but maybe not as much and accompany it with a salad.’’

The ladies then turned to the community members and asked what they wanted to see happen in the town that would bring everyone together and keep them active and healthy.

One suggestion was starting a walking group in the mornings which would take residents around town and end at the coffee shop for a chat.

Another was to add exercise equipment somewhere along the walking track for people to add a bit more to their walk or run.

Heidi and Sue plan to come back to Rochester to try and get these projects rolling as well as provide assistance and advice to those who want it.

‘‘We don’t want to just come to town, have a chat and never come back. We want to make things happen,’’ Heidi said.

Another session will be organised for anyone wishing to have their say or meet Heidi and Sue.