Students gather for cross country lesson

By Campaspe News

PRIMARY school students from across the region came together on Friday to participate in the Campaspe District cross country.

Elmore, Lockington and Rochester primary schools were strongly represented in a strong field which produced some terrific runs.

The top 12 placed runners from each age group have now earned a spot at the regionals event in St Arnaud, Tuesday June 4.

Local results

9/10 girls: 19th: Ziah Haines (Lockington).

9/10 boys: 2nd: Cale James (Rochester), 13th: Charlie McIntyre (Lockington), 16th: Leo Hayes (Elmore), 18th: Patrick Keale (Lockington).

11 girls: 6th: Maddie Howard (Rochester), 16th: Bailey Town (Rochester).

11 boys: 8th: James Bretnel (Lockington), 13th: Trey White (Rochester).

12/13 girls: 2nd: Hannah Foley (Nanneella), 16th: Madilyn Nile (Elmore), 17th: Natalie Moon (Rochester), 19th: Letisha Mountjoy (Elmore).

12/13 boys: 8th: Jordan Town (Rochester), 19th: Luke Phipps (Nanneela).