Peter “Jonesy” Jones aims for $1m target in 2019

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Shepparton CFA has high hopes for its 2019 Good Friday Appeal fundraising target, aiming to hit the $1million milestone.

Since fundraising began in 1974, the station has raised a total of $962447.

Involved for more than 15 years, CFA area manager Anthony Deith is confident they can reach the milestone through the public generosity.

‘‘Most people are really generous and as soon as you say what it’s for they usually have their hand in their pockets,’’ he said.

Non-active volunteer Peter ‘Jonesy’ Jones echoed Mr Deith’s sentiment after being involved with the Good Friday Appeal for 24 years.

At 78 years old, Mr Jones enjoys helping out his brigade each year, wondering around town door knocking for the cause.

‘‘I’ve filled the tin a few times and had to start filling my pockets,’’ he said.

Mr Deith commended the efforts of Mr Jones, praising his work ethic when collecting.

‘‘He usually comes back in at lunch time, grabs another tin and keeps going,’’ he said.

Shepparton CFA is welcoming volunteers to help with its Good Friday Appeal efforts.

Mr Deith said the publicwas invited to come down to the Shepparton Fire Brigade, 268 Maude St, Shepparton, at 9am tomorrow to collect a tin.