Che Walls keeps the team at Tatura happy

By Alex Mitchell

Football teams are always quick to stress ‘‘playing your role’’ as key to success — Tatura’s Che Walls embraces that in more ways that one.

While a good old-fashioned team man that will do whatever he can for the club, Walls’ responsibility as the club clown is also one he views as important — the first thing on his mind when asked what he brought to the team.

‘‘I’d probably say I’m a bit of a joker around the club,’’ he said with a laugh.

‘‘I try and keep everyone happy and get the smiles going. They’d probably call me the clown I reckon, I’m probably not the smartest bloke going around.’’

But the self-deprecating Walls embodies the fun spirit within the football club, something he has learned to love in his three seasons as a member.

‘‘It’s the people definitely (that make the club enjoyable), old and young,’’ he said.

‘‘They’re all good blokes around here and it’s a family-orientated club. They’ll do anything to help you out which is good.’’

The Bendigo local fills a backline role within the side, and was keen to see the side take another jump forward this season.

‘‘It’s been really good because when I came they probably started recruiting a few more players, they probably hadn’t had the best couple of years before,’’ Walls said.

‘‘It’s been really good to see how far the young fellas have been able to come and now we’re starting to look pretty good.’’