By Benalla Ensign


Midweek pennant results for November 27.

Benalla A1 away to Corowa RSL- Benalla won 85/53.

Benalla A2 away to Club Mulwala- Benalla won 100/46.

Benalla A3 away to Corowa RSL- Benalla won 84/56.

Benalla B1 home to YMGCR: Benalla won 97/61.

Weekend pennant results for December 1.

Benalla A1 home to Yarrawonga- Benalla won 105/85.

Benalla A3 home to Yarrawonga- Benalla won 134/65.

Benalla A4 away to Wodonga: Benalla won 9/81.

Benalla B1 home to Moyhu- Benalla won 73/71.

Benalla B2- bye.

Tournament Results

Thursday November 29

Millers (Peter Grubb) Memorial- 14 teams entered for the special day. There was four visiting teams plus 10 Benalla teams competing for the prizes

Winners: S. Warfe, G. Downie and K. Morrison with three wins plus 38 shots up.

Runner up was the team of Steve Egan from Golder Square with three wins plus 21 shots up.

Best last game was G. Lessing, K. Leask and K. Nicholls.

Ted Briggs Memorial Day

Wednesday, November 28.

This was the 31st running of the Ted Briggs Memorial. In attendance was four members of the Briggs Family plus 28 teams.

Winners were a composite team of Jock Hastie, Col Power and Matt Robertson with 3 and a half wins plus 24 shots up.

Runner up was B. Hogg, S. Lunn and R. Warnock with three wins plus 26 shots up.

Best second game was Jock Hastie, Col Power and Matt Roberson.

Best last game was G. Lessing, E. Tomkins and J. Peake

Social bowls

Saturday, December 1.

Two games of 12 ends in pairs or triples was played.

Winners were B.Robertson and G. Lange with two wins plus 27 shots up.

Runner up was R. Nanervis and J. Spinks.

Indoor Bowls result

Monday, November 26.

Three games of nine ends were played.

Winners: R. Nalder, J. Holmes and S. Zanint.

Runner up: W. Billman, B. Mollison and D. Gulbin.

Senior citizens

Tuesday, November 27.

Winner: K.Gray, M.Ryan and Jack Lemin.

Runner up: T.Pepper, H.Sharp, M.Williams.

Friday, November 30.

Winner: R. Charlwood, L.Scholz, R.Harper.

Runner up: T.Pepper, L.Saunders, M.Williams.

Saturday, December 1.

Winner: K.Black, M.Lyon, L.Saunders and E.Haydon.

Runner up: D.Mitchell, Joan Lemin, R.Mullavey and B.Ilsley.