Benalla golf

By Benalla Ensign

Sixty players enjoyed a four-person Ambrose on Saturday, December 22. The successful team was A. Levy, P. Rigby, G. Briggs and S. Little with a score of 61/67/8/54 1/8. Runners-up were A. Hodson K. Muir, S. Hogan and D. Fleming 62 /4 7/8 /57 1/8


Nearest the pins.

1st Olivers Mensland: nil.

3rd Crothers Joinery: Ken Levy.

8th Srixon/Golf Shop: Adrian Squires.

12th Ray White: nil.

13th Spalding/Golf Shop: Adam Levy.

Ball Competition-

S.Symes, D.Symes, B.Frampton, S. Smith 57 ¼

G. Crothers, G. Muir, R. Close, J. Spencer 57 ¼

D. Taylor, B. Watt, P. Donges, B. Macarty 57 ½

Wednesday was a teams stableford event with 69 players. The winning team with 94 points was G. Mahoney, D. Senior, K. Donnelly, G. Trewin. Runners up were a three man team of G. Crothers, G. Smith and K. Muir returning on 90 points.


Nearest the pins-

3rd Golf Shop: Peter Purcell.

8th Golf Shop: Peter Houghton.

12th Ray White: Cameron McMahen.

13th Fruits n Fare: nil.

Ball Competition

G. Paull, G. Sykes, J. Broadbent, M. Schedlich on 39 points.

R.Day, A. Papworth, R. Allan, T.Kidd on 89 points.

T. Symes. A. Crosford, K. Levy, S. Smith on 88 points on countback.

December 29

A Stableford was also played on Saturday, December 29, with 49 players participating. A-grade winner was Chris Martens returning a score of 41 points, placing Geoff Dalton second on 39. A countback was required to decide the winner of B-grade, which went to Steve Smith from Alan May, both players with 42 points.


Nearest the pins.

1st Olivers Mensland: Lachlan Thompson.

3rd Crothers Joinery: Chris Martens.

8th Srixon/Golf Shop: Eric Hoolihan.

12th Ray White: Eric Hoolihan.

13th Spalding/Golf Shop: John Spencer.

KFC Birdies:

Ball Competition.

40 C. Mcfarlane, P. Rundell, 38 K. Levy, G. OBrien, T. Symes, 37 R. Allan, J. Broadbent, J. Hyland, G. Sykes. c/b.


Boxing Day saw a small field of 16 players compete in a Stableford Event. The winner for the day was Dave Dunster returning with 39 points. Runner-up and taking out the Bogies award was Michael Polwarth on 38 points.

Nearest the pin.

3rd Golf Shop: nil.

8th Golf Shop: Brian Hollins.

12th Ray White: Michael Polwarth.

13th Fruits n Fare: Anthony Symes.

Ball Competition.

37 A. May, T. Meagher, 36 Ken Muir c/b.

An excellent field of 82 players competed for the monthly medal during the weekend. The winner of the medal and A-grade was Larry Piscioneri returning 75/10/65. Bogies Bistro went to Mitch Dansey 77/8/69.

The B-grade winner was Brendan Booker 82/13/69 second place went to Phillip Donges 81/11/70. C-grade was Tony Williams 84/18/66 with Benjarmin Campbell a close second on 92/26/66.


Nearest the pins.

1st Olivers Mensland: Mitch Dansey.

3rd Crothers’ Joinery: Barry Wright.

8th Srixon/Golf Shop: Tony Williams.

12th Ray White: Daniel Symes.

13th Spalding/Golf Shop: Russell Marshall/ Graham Squires.

KFC Birdies: Darren Wittingslow (11), Daniel Symes (12)

Ball Competition

68 C. Macfarlane, 69 J. Hyland, 70 L.Cairnes, G. Paull, G. Squires , T. Squires,

D. Symes, 71 N. Delaney, R. Marshall, B. Symes, 72 J. Dalton, P. Hazell, T. Kidd, R. Munro, G. Sykes, B. Wright.

On Wednesday there was 56 players entered in a Stableford Event, with the winner of A-grade being Roger Cowan with 41 points. Runner up with 39 points on countback was Terry Symes. In B-grade, Luke Sheppard was successful on countback with Brendan Booker, both players returning on 40 points. C-grade was taken out by Graeme Budd on 40 points with Les Cairnes on countback receiving the Bogies Bistro award on 38 points.


Nearest the pins.

3rd Golf Shop: Paul Hazell.

8th Golf Shop: Roger Cowan.

12th Ray White: Ken Muir.

13th Fruits ‘n’ Fare: Wayne Mackwell.

Ball Competition.

39 R. Allan, 38 S. Smith, 37 A. Levy, J. Morrison, 36 R. Day, P. Donges, B. Ferguson , M. Henwood, P. Hooper, K. Muir, G. Paull.

Women’s golf

Regular golf is under way for 2019, with many players braving the warm conditions.

The stableford round on Thursday, January 3, was won by Helen Hyland with 41 points.

Ball competition J. Rubira 39, K. Bailey 37, M. Watson 34.

NTP 3rd K. Bailey, Milner-Watson Pharmacy 8th M. Watson, Golf Shop 13th M. Watson, 14th B.Lang.

A stroke round was played on Saturday with Helen Hyland winning both the competition and the Monthly Medal with 87/17/70.

Balls went to Trish Barry 74 nett and A. Thomson 76 nett.

NTP Ray White 12th H. Briggs, 13th and 14th A. Thomson.

This week a stableford round will be played on both Thursday and Saturday.