Pigeons overrun Roos

By Yarrawonga Chronicle



4.2 6.8 13.8 18.12  120

Corowa Ruthergen 

1.1 1.3 7.3 8.4  52

BEST: Yarrawonga Pigeons: Matthew Gorman, Ryan Bruce, Beau Seymour, Jess Koopman, Bailey Frauenfelder, Jake Wild. Corowa Rutherglen: Rohan Davies, Joe Hansen, Kade Kuschert, Angus Lingham, Leigh Schulz, Jarred Lane.

GOALS: Yarrawonga Pigeons: Matthew Casey 5, Bailey Frauenfelder 4, Matthew Gorman 3, Harrison Wheeler 1, Ronan Pritchard 1, Brayden Coburn 1, William Gorman 1, Matthew Tregenza 1, Mark Whiley 1. Corowa Rutherglen: Alex Wallis 2, Rohan Davies 2, Leigh Schulz 1, Joe Hansen 1, Jarred Lane 1, Matthew Tanner 1.

Taking on old rivals Corowa-Rutherglen the Pigeons were keen to backup last week’s victory with a good win against the lower placed Roos.  This was a win that was necessary for Yarrawonga to keep their finals aspirations alive. 

In what was a scrappy affair early, Braden Coburn was showing all how it should be done, winning the hard ball and then moving the ball on with clean disposals. He was rewarded for his efforts with the first goal of the afternoon. 

The backline was put under pressure several times, but the cool head of Beau Seymour settled the ship and the run off the back flank by Jess Koopman saw the Pigeons attacking again. 

Mark Whiley’s desperation was rewarded with a goal mid-way through the quarter and was quickly followed by one from Matt Gorman who made the most of a fifty-meter penalty. Matt Casey added to the tally with one on the siren to give the home side 19-point lead at quarter time.

The Pigeons came out the more dominant side in the second quarter. Beau Seymour and Ryan Bruce were now well on top of their opponents in the backline and some superb contested marks from Jake Wild saw the visitors goalless for the quarter. 

Xavier Leslie had a high possession count in the first and seemed keen to do the same again in the second. His ability to turn his direct opponent inside out was evident on several occasions and his disposal accuracy excellent. 

A goal to Bailey Frauenfelder and a second to Matt Casey extended the lead but over possession of the ball resulted in several turnovers for the home side. Similarly missed shots on goal cost the Pigeons and they went into the half time break 35 points up but ruing missed opportunities.

Corowa sensed that they had been given a second chance so came out firing after the break. In what turned out to be a battle of the forward lines it started raining goals.  

Corowa posted the first three before Yarra hit back with four of their own. Bailey Frauenfelder kicked his second before key forward Matt Casey moved his total on to four. 

When Will Gorman hit the pack at full speed and roved a brilliant Dave O’Dwyer tap out to slot his first goal, the side was clearly up and about.  

Matt Gorman was sensational, winning contested ball and delivering into the forward line with pinpoint accuracy. The scoring continued with each side going goal for goal. 

Tregenza, Whiley and Wheeler all topped up the Pigeons score line. The result being a total of 13 goals straight kicked and the Pigeons taking a 41-point lead into the last.

Yarrawonga were keen to turn the win into a percentage booster and Coach Sexton implored his charges to go hard early and put the Roos to the sword. Clearly Matt Casey listened. Matt now playing the role as Yarrawonga’s key forward has developed his craft well and could be considered as one of the most dangerous forwards in the league. He kicked the first couple of the quarter to make it six for the day. 

Corowa tried hard to fight back but brilliant work from Ryan Bruce and second gamer Josh Tonna meant that their forward attacks went unrewarded. 

Ronan Pritchard chimed in with a snap from deep in the pocket and the elusive Bailey Frauenfelder capped of his day with the last two goals of the quarter. 

Yarrawonga ran away clear winners by an impressive 68 points.


Yarrawonga Pigeons 1.3, 17.5, 23.9, 27.13 – 175 defeated Corowa Ruthergen 0.0, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1 - 1

BEST: Yarrawonga Pigeons: Luke Congram, Travis Hargreaves, Marcus Hargreaves, Timothy Lawrence, Darcy Norman, Ross Mulquiney. Corowa Ruthergen: Sam Haigh, Blake Spencer, Joel Montgomery, Sam Severin, Joseph Ferguson, John Conroy

GOALS: Yarrawonga Pigeons: Luke Congram 11, Timothy Lawrence 5, Marcus McMillan 3, Marcus Hargreaves 2, Cameron Byrne 1, Craig Frauenfelder 1, Owen Conway 1, William Woodburn 1, Travis Hargreaves 1, Ross Mulquiney 1.


Yarrawonga 9.7-61 defeated Corowa Rutherglen 8.6-54

Whilst the game will not go down in any record books, the 3rd XVIII got back on the winners list with a seven-point win. 

Seb Hargreaves was outstanding early on the wing and lead the possession count to quarter time.  Max Hemphill was again excellent. One would assume he would have gotten the three votes from the umpires in both games versus Corowa this year.  

Tylar Hemphill was set a role and completed it with aplomb. Down back Jack Forge and Brandon Fitzpatrick played solid games and were worthy award winners.

However, in general the side chugged through the day never collectively or individually playing to its potential. In order to compete in the 3rd XVIII finals series the entire squad will need to find greater vigour and intensity in both offence and defence. 

Yarrawonga 2.3-15   2.3-15   6.4-40   9.7-61

Corowa Rutherglen 0.1-1    2.1-13   6.3-39   8.6-54

Awards: Yarra Hotel: Brandon Fitzpatrick Wingates: Jack Forge.

GOALS: Yarrawonga Pigeons: Max Hemphill 3, Cooper Trembath 2, Ned Pendergast 2, Harrison Meade 1, Brandon Einsporn 1. Corowa Ruthergen: Mak Lavis 2, Blake Spencer 2, Matthew Somerville 1, Bailey Pirnag 1, Jordan Eyers 1, Luke Backhouse .

BEST: Yarrawonga Pigeons: Max Hemphill, Tylar Hemphill, Brandon Einsporn, Sam Mickelson, Jack Forge, Alex Byrne. Corowa Ruthergen: Bailey Pirnag, Jack Jennings, Jacob Beveridge.