Rock hide and seek comes the twin towns

By Ari Balle-Bowness

SOME residents are finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place - but it's not what you'd expect.

Introducing ‘rock painting hide ‘n’ seek’, a quirky new craze that has made its way to town.

First there was planking, then there were fidget spinners, now a whole new way to get your rocks off.

The idea is simple – find a stone, paint it, put your postcode on the back, snap a photo, hide it and then post the image with a clue on the Facebook page.

Recently colourful stones were spotted in and around the Echuca library, with the words NSW Rocks -2731- printed on them.

The speckled specimens were part of a trio of rocks placed by someone living north of the boarder.

Two of the rocks were placed inside the library but have since been found.

NSW ROCKS Facebook admin Jaimie Bennett said this wasn’t unusual.

“We’ve had rocks found in NZ, the UK, Queensland, Uluru and even Disneyland” she said.

Jaimie, who is based in Lake Macquarie, joined the craze earlier this year after her son found a rock in a local park with a fish and the words NSW ROCKS painted on it.

Realising this was a great way to bond with her kids, Jaimie became very active in the rock painting hide and seek community.

“The kids love going out and finding new rocks and I love doing it as a way to relax at the end of the day,” Jaimie said.

“I was really active on the Facebook group, commenting lots on other people’s posts.

“Eventually I was contacted by the admin and asked to be a bigger part of the group.”

Now with more than 500 stones in her house, Jaimie is busy preparing for a Christmas surprise that is sure to be rockin’.

“At the moment NSW ROCKS is organising a state-wide rock drop across 46 different locations on December 13-14.”

“What better way for families to bond, get outside and off the couch.”

More than 60,000 people have joined the NSW ROCKS page and more than 35,000 have joined VIC ROCKS.

Don’t be left in the stone-age, join the fun.

Hint. A good place to start is only a stone’s throw away, down at the Port.