Leitchville man reels in monster Murray Cod

By Brayden May

Yael Fry got the shock of his life last week after reeling in a 120cm Murray Cod near Leitchville.

After finishing work on Wednesday, Yael decided a trip down to the river was the best way to wind down.

And it turned out to be the best fishing experience of his life.

"You can only dream of catching a fish of that size," Yael said.

"Having been alone I had to make sure I got a photo otherwise no one would have believed it happened.

"The biggest fish I caught previously doesn't even come close to the one I caught on Wednesday."

A selfie while juggling a giant fish is not the simplest of tasks but Yael gave it a fair crack - only half the fish's head missed the memorable snapped.

After taking his the photo, Yael released the fish - but plans to try the same spot next year to see how his monster catch might have grown.