Outrageous esCarpade comes to Echuca

By Ari Balle-Bowness

AUSTRALIA’S most outrageous road trip will roll in to the port next Saturday in a parade of sirens, horns, lights and colour as the Camp Quality esCarpade finishes a week-long trek.

The event, which is raising money to support kids with cancer will finish a Wangaratta to Echuca trip via Mount Gambier with a family fun day at the Port of Echuca, greeted by flags and a guard of honour as they make their way in to town.

Starting this Sunday, about 20 entrants from across Australia will embark on the 2700km journey - Australia’s biggest motoring adventure held to raise money for Australian kids impacted by cancer.

“esCarpade is a hugely important fundraising event for Camp Quality,” Camp Quality chief executive Kylea Tink said.

“People assume Camp Quality receives significant funding from Federal or State Government to assist us but sadly this is not the case.”

So far, the group has raised almost $700,000 with the hopes of reaching $1.4 million before they reach the historic port.

“We rely heavily on the generosity of everyday Australians, such as our amazing esCarpadians to help us give kids facing cancer across Australia the chance to just be kids again through our services and programs,” Ms Tink said.

The celebrations will kick-off at 10am with drivers expected to make it to the port at about 2.30-3pm.

If you would like to donate to the drive, visit