Outdoor school secures landcare grant

By Simon Ruppert

Outdoor School 15 Mile Creek has secured a grant towards building and sustaining a greener future as a recipient in the latest round of Woolworths Junior Landcare Grants.

The school was selected out of close to 1000 applicants in the national program, which launched last year and aims to inspire students with hands-on environmental projects.

The Woolworths Junior Landcare Grants program offers grants of up to $1000 for Australian primary schools and early-learning centres across the country.

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The grant aims to help fund young Australians with hands-on projects focusing on sustainable food production, improving waste-management practices and enhancing native habitats.

The local grant will mean 15 Mile Creek is now able to develop their proposed project:

● Project Type: Enhancing biodiversity and habitats (e.g. planting, weeding).

● Project Name: Creek Restoration.

● Project overview as described by school: The purpose of our project is to enhance the native flora and fauna into our school creek and to restore/prevent further erosion that is occurring. Key activities for the students will include replanting of native vegetation, removal of weeds and monitoring habitats. Increasing the biodiversity will make the creek more appealing for a variety of different native fauna and the newly planted flora will act to reinforce the creek line structure.

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“We’re extremely proud of what this program has achieved to date and delighted that our local school has been recognised in the latest round of grants,” store manager Leigh Harman said.

“Our Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant program will continue to support students to get hands-on with worthy projects in our local environment.

“The students at Outdoor School - 15 Mile Creek have developed a deserving project that will contribute to a greener future for our community and we look forward to tracking their progress and success.”

Landcare Australia chief executive officer Shane Norrish said: "Getting hands-on with environmental projects at this early stage in their development will help equip students with the ability, knowledge and resources to take meaningful action to protect our shared local and national biodiversity as they grow up.

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“We’re looking forward to seeing the project proposed by Outdoor School - 15 Mile Creek and interested locals can track their success via an interactive map at”

Building on the success of the program to date, Woolworths will be providing grants to an additional 600 schools empowering 100 000 students nationally during this second round of the program.