Secret Garden heads for Dookie

By Simon Ruppert

The Secret Garden is a cultural revolution turning ordinary gardens into musical oasis’ around regional Victoria - and it's headed to Dookie.

Okay, so that part is not secret - nor is the line-up, which features DRMNGNOW, Braden Pullen, Grim Fawkner, Briana Lee Band and Beth Caldow.

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However, if you want the exact location you'll have to wait for the day before for confirmation.

Of course Dookie is not that big, so turning up in town and following your ears might work.

But to make sure you don't end up gatecrashing someone's private barbecue, get your tickets and await a confirmation email, which will turn up the day before letting you know the exact address.

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Secret Gardens have been popping up all over the Goulburn Valley for the past four summers – in sheds, backyards, orchards; filing the space with vintage rugs, fairy lights, soulful tunes and great company.

This December 7 organisers have something extra special planned, and want to share the magic with you music lovers from across the area.

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The location is top secret, the only hint organisers are giving is that it is somewhere in Dookie.

Headlining artist, DRMNGNOW, will treat the audience to a sunset show with his powerful words, teamed with his famous light show shining on the natural backdrop of the land.

An electrifying artist with a grassroots ethic and big-picture vision, DRMNGNOW is without doubt one of the most thought-provoking artists in north-east Victoria at the moment.

The four other acts gracing the stage are all homegrown local talent, with a range
of musical styles for everyone to enjoy.

Braden Pullen offers up modern electronic sounds teamed with his smooth voice and guitar.

Grim Fawkner is an absolute wizard on guitar, drawing together tales and musings from his travels with upbeat blues.

Briana Lee is no stranger to The Secret Garden Gigs and is teaming up with a full band to perform her country set.

Rising talent Beth Caldow will ignite your senses with her unique tone, break your heart and put it back together again all in the space of an hour.

The gig kicks off at 5 pm and attendees are encouraged toe to bring a picnic, however, there is no BYO alcohol permitted.

Food and drinks will be available at the funky bar.

Tickets are $60, with VIP Tickets available for $100

● For more information, phone Jamie Lea on 0408 330 453 and visit to purchase tickets.