Benalla man helps re-fencing in fire-affected areas

By Simon Ruppert

Benalla's Alan Stafford has been in bushfire-affected areas leading a team that has volunteered to help repair fencing.

Following the devastating wild fires that tore through the Victorian High Country, the Uniting Church Emergency Fencing Team swung into action in the Corryong district.

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The team, which has been assisting in bushfire-affected areas for more than 10 years, has been helping out since January.

Mr Stafford said he joined Tungamah couple Cath and Forest Stanyer to gather volunteers from throughout Victoria's north east on behalf of the church.

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“When we had the numbers we commenced the huge task of rebuilding farm fences around Cudgewa,” Mr Stafford said.

Assisted by the landholders, who arranged for fencing materials to be delivered on site, badly burnt posts and wires were removed, and new steel posts were driven in and high tensile wires run.

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The coordinated efforts of Benalla Rotary, Benalla Lions Club and Alan’s team has seen many kilometres of fencing replaced.

● However, there is still much more work to be done during the coming months and volunteers are encouraged to phone Alan on 0412 578 237 for more details.

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