Benalla Lions Blaze Aid

By Simon Ruppert

The Benalla Lions visited the small community of Jingellic recently, cooking dinners for Blaze Aid Volunteers.

Benalla Lions President Graham Milner and Lester Watt, and their wives Gail and Sue, travelled to Jingellic to help feed volunteers who are repairing fences in the fire ravaged area.

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They served a casserole cooked by Benalla Lions ladies to 40 Blaze Aid Volunteers who had been working all day.

“Those volunteers prepare their own breakfasts and lunch packs before leaving camp by about 7 am then return for a hearty dinner,” Mr Milner said.

Recent bushfires have devastated communities across Australia

“We also prepared a roast dinner for them on another night.

“And we donated Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings to the camp.”

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The camp is expected to continue for several weeks as many kilometres of fencing is still in need of replacement following recent bushfires.

● If you are interested in volunteer service work, along with the social activities, phone Benalla Lions Club on 0417 367 020.

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