Shepparton Christian College addresses homelessness

By Laura Briggs

Students at Shepparton Christian College have united to play their part in reducing homelessness in Shepparton.

Funds and awareness were raised among the school community yesterday as a result of a homelessness themed day.

School counsellor Sue Green said each year the school captains were responsible for organising a day that would expand their leadership skills while benefiting students of all year levels.

She said the 2019 captains, Jonah Green and Nekija O’Shannessy, had pin-pointed homelessness as a significant issue that they felt was important to address with the intent to make a change within their local community.

Jonah said as captains, they hoped that students would leave feeling equipped to help the homeless in their community.

“We want to make them aware, so that when they see something they know what to do about it.”

Jonah said Daryl Sloan from Shepparton’s Rights Information and Advocacy Centre attended their morning chapel service as a way of educating the school community.

“He shared some really valuable information about not only the issues the homeless face, but how we can help them.”

He said Mr Sloan presented the information in a way that inspired and encouraged students to be the change they want to see.

Following on with the homelessness theme, senior students were invited to attend a sleep-out, where they would face a cold night with only the bare essentials.  

Jonah said Tim Hunter from the Bridge Youth Service would be in attendance to further educate the students and help them to understand the reality of homelessness.

A barbecue was held during the school lunch break as a way of collecting further funds on top of those that had been raised by the casual-dress day.

Mrs Green said all money raised would be donated to the Bridge Youth Service.

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