Debut of the Shepparton News Finals MVP award

By Tyler Maher

Every league the News covers has now entered the cauldron of finals football — and that means it's time to debut a new award.

Finals football is the pinnacle of every season, so it is only fair that alongside The News Award — which was this year claimed by Kyabram's Mick Mattingly — we also recognise the efforts of players in the most important clashes of their respective competitions.

And respective competitions is the operative phrase here, because the newly-minted Shepparton News Finals MVP can come from any of the Goulburn Valley, Murray, Kyabram District or Picola District football leagues.

With News sports journalists getting out to as many games as possible during the final month of the season, the 3-2-1 votes will carry plenty of weight as well.

Up for grabs for the winner is a special Shepparton News Mystery Pack, with the mystery aspect to be revealed in the coming weeks.

So if your team is still alive this season make sure you keep it that way with stellar performances — and a trip to the hairdresser for a quick bleach to get noticed would not go astray either.

Shepparton News Finals MVP

Goulburn Valley League

Kyabram v Echuca

3. Brad Mangan (Ky)

2. Brad Whitford (Ky)

1. Andrew Walker (Ech)

Shepparton v Tatura

3. Cam Wild (Shepp)

2. Anthony Andronaco (Shepp)

1. Nick Fothergill (Tat)

Rochester v Seymour

3. Rhys Free (Roch)

2. Zac Keogh (Sey)

1. Jason Cole (Sey)

Murray Football League

Echuca United v Numurkah

3. Michael Herlihy (Num)

2. Grant Gallus (Num)

1. Clayton Zanella (Utd)

Nathalia v Mulwala

3. Liam Evans (Nath)

2. Ryan Butler (Nath)

1. Rhys Shannon (Nath)

Tongala v Tungamah

3. Cam Ilett (Ton)

2. Coby McCarthy (Ton)

1. Anthony Dennis (Ton)

Cobram v Congupna

3. Curtley Allen (Con)

2. Jimmy Boyer (Con)

1. Daniel Campbell (Con)

Kyabram District League

Avenel v Lancaster

3. Tom Davies (Lanc)

2. Adam Vick (Lanc)

1. Austin Bizzotto (Lanc)

Murchison-Toolamba v Stanhope

3. Daniel Brock (Stan)

2. Tom Hepburn (Stan)

1. James Milne (M-T)

Picola District Football League

Rennie v Mathoura

3. Chase Strawhorn (Ren)

2. Alex Brooks (Ren)

1. Duane Rhodes (Ren)

Deniliquin v Picola United

3. James Gilligan (Deni)

2. Andrew May (Deni)

1. Des Morgan (Deni)

Waaia v Katamatite

3. Ash Thompson (Waaia)

2. Brodie McDonald (Kat)

1. Sam Richardson (Waaia)

Strathmerton v Berrigan

3. Theo Thomas (Strath)

2. Matt O'Kane (Strath)

1. Adrian Crestani (Strath)

Rennie v Katamatite

3. Joel O'Dwyer (Ren)

2. Craig Ednie (Ren)

1. Tom Buzza (Kat)

Deniliquin v Berrigan

3. Alex Hay (Deni)

2. Des Morgan (Deni)

1. Lee Schmidt (Ber)


3: Rhys Free (Roch), Brad Mangan (Ky), Cam Wild (Shepp), Liam Evans (Nath), Michael Herlihy (Num), Curtley Allen (Con), Cam Ilett (Ton), Daniel Brock (Stan), Tom Davies (Lanc), Chase Strawhorn (Ren), James Gilligan (Deni), Des Morgan (Deni), Ash Thompson (Waaia), Theo Thomas (Strath), Joel O'Dwyer (Ren), Alex Hay (Deni).