Pigeons win easy over Hoppers

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

With only two rounds remaining and the likelihood of a finals berth remote but still possible the Pigeons were keen to deal with the North Albury Hoppers and send them on their way.


Yarrawonga 2.3 10.6 17.6 23.10 (148)

North Albury 1.4 5.6 6.9 9.9 (63)

Goals: Yarrawonga: J. Koopman 7, T. Lawrence 4, H. Wheeler 3, B. Frauenfelder 2, J. Brooks 2, M. Whiley, J. Sexton, X. Leslie, W. Gorman, L. Congram.

North Albury: I. Muller 2, J. Hayes 2, J. Penny, J. Casey, J. Lloyd, C. Smith, J. Kennett.

Best: Yarrawonga: H. Wheeler, T. McAuley, X. Leslie, R. Bruce, J. Sexton, T. Lawrence.

North Albury: G. Godde, J. Bishop, I. Muller, J. Hayes, D. Miles, J. Casey.

In what was to be a seesawing first quarter neither side could gain any ascendancy and turnovers proved to be high on the stats sheet. 

Will Gorman was a steadying influence and his hard-working ethic paid off, kicking the sides only two goals in the first quarter. 

The Pigeons suffered a massive blow mid-way through the quarter when Matt Gorman went down with an ankle injury and was unable to take any further part in the game. 

The Pigeons taking a narrow 5-point lead into the first break.

A vigorous pep talk by coach Sexton at the first break snapped the side into action. 

The high leaping small forward in Tim Lawrence started the ball rolling with a goal inside the first minute and a steady procession was to follow. 

Will Gorman slotted his third, Jess Koopman found the big sticks twice, Xav Leslie, Harry Wheeler and Jack Sexton all contributed to a much stronger display in front of goal. 

All this scoring was on the back of a hard-working midfield. 

Dave O’Dwyer and Jake Wild shared the ruck duties and were rarely beaten for the quarter. 

Harry Wheeler, Tim McAuley and Braden Coburn made the most of their rucks dominance and continually cleared the ball from stoppages. 

On the wings Jack Sexton and Matt Tregenza provided dash and drive into the forward line. 

The home side out by 30 points at the main break.

The third saw the home side continue its good form and attack on the ball. 

A seven-goal quarter followed the eight-last quarter.

Many goals were scored on the back of the intense tackling pressure applied by Tim McAuley and Harry Wheeler. 

Koopman, Wheeler and Lawrence all added to their goal tallies whilst Luke Congram, Bailey Frauenfelder and Jack Brooks all made the most of their opportunities. 

During the goal onslaught the backline held tight only allowing a single major. 

Young gun, Josh Tonna continued his good form down back whilst Scott Oswald and Ryan Bruce provided the clearing run from defence. 

In what was to be a bad day for the Gorman boys, Will left the field with a shoulder injury that saw him finished for the day as well. 

The Pigeons now out by 63 points.

Despite being down to 19 players the Pigeons continued to drive home their advantage against a side that struggled to maintain the football. 

Whilst the Pigeons had winners all across the ground there were few better than Xav Leslie who continually side stepped his opposition or won the ball in tight contests. 

Another six goals blew out the margin to 85 points and the home side clear winners over the Hoppers.


Yarrawonga 21.10.136 defeated 

North Albury 1.2.8

Being a proud team, the Yarrawonga Second 18 were determined to make a statement after the lesson in football that they got the previous week. 

From the first bounce, the team made their intentions clear to North Albury and gave them little to no space. 

Joe Gorman was in control at the centre bounces and was giving Marcus Hargreaves, Travis Hargreaves and Ross Mulquiney first look at the ball. 

Playing in a different role this week, Matthew Grinter was part of the onballers and was bullocking his way around the ground ending the day with the most tackles.

Owen Conway was playing an inspired game after being rested from the senior team. 

His work rate and marking were a real strength and a sign that he has been able to hit the training track with a lot more consistency. 

An unknown of his game was his quick hands which he used time and time again in the second quarter to release Matthew Dwyer who was delivering the ball to Brad O’Connor in a fashion that made it impossible for the defenders to spoil. 

Coming into the team for their first run in a while were Isaac McMillian, Ronan Pritchard and Kyle Archibald. 

All three were welcome inclusions into the team with Kyle providing great direction for his younger teammates. 

At the halftime break, Yarrawonga had opened up a commanding lead and had restricted North Albury to only three scoring shots.  

The second quarter was the best football that the team had played in a long time.

Yarrawonga didn’t reach the heights of the second quarter in the second half, however they were challenged to restrict North Albury from kicking another goal, which they managed to achieve. Fittingly, the day ended with Craig Frauenfelder slotting a goal after the siren to the loud cheers of the fathers who had gathered on the hill as part of the ‘Dad’s Army’ celebrations.

GOALS: Yarrawonga: B. O’Connor 8, O. Conway 4, R. Pritchard 3, J. Whinray 2, M. Grinter 2, C. Frauenfelder 1, M. Dwyer 1.

North Albury: O. Ramsden 1.

BEST: Yarrawonga: M. Grinter, T. Hargreaves, O. Conway, M. Hargreaves, B. O’Connor, R. Mulquiney.

North Albury: J. Mercieca, O. Ramsden, O. Brosolo, A. McNeel, A. Gibbs, J. McLinden.


Yarrawonga 10.10.70 defeated 

North Albury 4.8.32

In a must win game the young Pigeons competed well and eventually overcame a competitive North Albury.

A restructured line up saw Tom Whelan dispatched into a key defensive role, Tylar Hemphill into a shutdown role, Jackson Meade from key forward to key back and the long-awaited return of an aggressive Zac Burns (sans helmet). 

All four completed their set tasks well. Tom Whelan in particular probably produced the best 3rds performance of the year.  

The new structure allowed Sam Mickelson a little more space to move and also gave Austin Frauenfelder full responsibility for the square. 

As a consequence, Austin produced one of his best games for the season competing hard and applying pressure all day. 

Complimenting the forward structure was an improved defensive effort at half forward. 

This improved pressure effected the outlet ball of the Hoppers making the Pigeons’ half back line’s life much easier. 

Whilst there are still many areas to continue to work on, the side’s flexibility and capacity to change roles both from the outset and mid game is pleasing. 

This flexibility is vital for the upcoming conclusion to the 2019 season.

This week at 10am at the Wangaratta Rovers Oval the side will play effective its first elimination final, get along and support these young men in this key match.