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October 26, 2017

White Ribbon Day kept quiet

On Wednesday, October 11, there was a press conference held at Benalla Community Health at 10am.

But the community and public were not informed that this was being held so that anyone could attend.

This was a press conference which started at 10am, on the lists was the following: 1. Welcome; 2. Joint Presentation; 3. Questions; and 4. Close and thank you.

The Ensign was there and Nine News, and the supporters that were invited.

The public and community were kept in the dark of what’s going on in this field.

The only way to solve domestic violence is to have all the community and public kept up to date of the forums, meetings and conferences on this matter.

If we do not talk about it and get the message out there we are not going to get anywhere fast.

I see that at this press conference the chair has made a date for Benalla to hold a White Ribbon Day March on Thursday, November 23.

Why is this? So all who attend will be paid from their day employment and school kids can get out of school?

I ask the chair to put the White Ribbon Day March on Saturday, November 25, so all people can attend and volunteer their time and MAKE A STAND.

We as a community make a stand and come together as this is not about a secret press conference and the who’s who of Benalla, THIS IS REAL and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE must STOP.

— Concerned professional lady of the community

Support appreciated

The Benalla RSL Sub-Branch acknowledge the generosity of the many sponsors of the prizes provided for the Benalla RSL ‘‘Diggers’’ golf day — this was the 71st year of operation.

Without your support, together with the Benalla Golf club, we would struggle to continue our welfare commitment to our veterans’ and ex-serviceman and women.

Your support is greatly appreciated by the Benalla RSL.

— Jeff Lewis, president, and Ross Wallace, golf officer

Carpet of poppies striking

Congratulations once again to Maureen Bruzesse and Vinnies for their window displays in Nunn St.

They honour the memory of those who went to World War I and remind us not to forget their sacrifices and our heritage.

I also thank the RSL for its ongoing support of these displays.

The carpet of poppies is very striking.

These poppies were made by members of the Benalla and district community.

Many of our ‘‘poppyistas’’ created these poppies for the events of 2014.

The poppies have been well cared for since then and are a fitting tribute for Remembrance Day.

I encourage everyone to visit the windows and convey your appreciation to Vinnies and the RSL.

Lest we forget.

— Bronwyn Pitty, Benalla Anzac Committee

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