Cycling report

November 30, 2017

Competitive race

Each year on the last weekend in November, the Hume Vets Cycling Club run the George Goodwin Trophy Handicap.

Last Sunday for its 19th running, the club was joined by the GV Vets Cycling Club to make for a competitive cycle race riding three laps around the Mt Major circuit at Dookie.

The 24 competitors were spread over seven groups with lone limit man Tony Morris given a 34min head start over a well-oiled scratch group.

A windy, muggy, overcast morning led to lightening and a torrential downpour during the last lap, but this didn’t deter race leader, Brian Gawne who had ridden away from his co-riders to catch all in front of him.

On the final climb turning at the Dookie cemetery, Gawne held a 500m lead from the 13min group and when scratch turned the corner they could see their prey in the distance a kilometre to the better.

A strong pull by the backmarkers had them round-up Gawne and the 13min boys by the top of the climb with only the 3km descent to the chequered flag.

With rain still pouring down the riders had to be careful coming into the finish line but it didn’t stop the scratch riders from taking out this year’s handicap trophy with Christian McDonald putting in a blistering sprint finish to hold out Neville Laffy (GV) and Matt Grealy (CV).

McDonald also secured fastest time honours with an average speed of 38.95km/h to take home the Goodwin Perpetual Trophy.

Results: 1 Christian McDonald (scr) 1.20.07 (38.95km/h), 2 Neville Laffy (scr), 3 Matt Grealy (scr), 4 Heath White (9), 5 Brendan De Fazio (4), 6 David Boozzaayer (scr), 7 Ashley O’Farrell (13), 8 Brian Gawne (21), 9 Geoff Morley (13), 10 Laurie Lyster (13).

Fastest time: Christian McDonald (scr) 1.20.07 (38.95km/h).

Next Hume club race: Sunday, December 10 at Benalla, 53km Christmas Handicap. Entries close: Friday, 9pm, December 9 with Bernie Grealy, phone/SMS 0417213799.

●For membership details and or inquiries, phone Simon Hall on 0448533322 or check website,

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