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January 11, 2018

Two new exhibitions at the Benalla Costume and Kelly Museum

Solar not all as it seems

Councillor Davis’s concerns about the lack of input into the project are unusual.

‘‘Public input’’ is a box that needs to be ticked, but let’s face it, the only time public input is considered, on any matter, is when that input, coincides with what the rural city is going to do anyway.

Solar Power is ‘‘God’’.

Politicians worship at its shrine as do the green elite.

It is to be expected that this project would be fast tracked in an election year.

The absurdity of it all, is the article suggests this proposal will power 52000 homes, with the general public assuming, for 24 hours per day.

I have solar panels on the roof.

They have been producing power for five years and six months.

They have produced 27 per cent more power than I have used during this period, but they have produced 77 per cent of that power, when I could not use it and that power has gone to the grid.

Only 29 per cent of my power usage comes from my panels, the remaining 71 per cent is supplied from the grid.

The panels only produce 40 per cent of the power in winter than they do in summer.

Will the power usage of these 52000 homes reduce by 60 per cent, because it is winter?

Seventy-one per cent of my electricity use cannot be supplied from solar, without an expensive battery system.

What a joke Victoria has become.

— Peter Carter

More investment and jobs please

It is encouraging that Cr Davis is now showing his passion for the utilisation of the principles of good governance for council planning.

However, I find it interesting that Cr Davis is happy to question a multi-million dollar solar development in Benalla with anti-investment rhetoric given his past inaction.

For example in November 2015 he supported the Nude Man Festival without adhering to proper planning protocols, in April 2017 he supported the inappropriate use of Vic Smart for a motorcycle development and then more recently he supported the abandonment of heritage protocols and allowed the heritage shelter shed to be demolished without reasonable community consultation.

The solar development will create jobs, stimulate capital investment and contribute to overcoming Australia’s electricity supply crisis.

Please Cr Davis, Benalla needs to be way more proactive in attracting investment.

Anti-investor sentiment only discourages other investors from coming to our area.

More investment and jobs for Benalla should be celebrated no discouraged.

— Michelle Reid, Benalla Vision applauded

The only bad governance this shire has had recently is that Peter Davis didn’t get voted out with the rest of the old shire councillors.

It’s good to see a group of councillors who have put the public’s interests first by displaying the vision required to move this shire into the 21st century.

Remember the old saying — too many cooks spoil the broth — well Peter, too many committees spoil the shire’s progress.

Well done councillors.

— Brian Nugent

Unique museum

After a recent visit to your Costume and Kelly Museum, I write to say how much I enjoyed the experience.

The garment exhibitions, especially the 1930s and the 1970s I found most interesting and beautifully presented.

I believe this museum is unique in Australia. Well done and congratulations.

— Jess

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