Letter to the editor

May 05, 2018

Ratings unjust

Last week’s Ensign provides details of next year’s rating structure.

Once again the rorting of Benalla township ratepayers continues.

Township and business rates continue at their exorbitant levels.

Moira treats farm rates the same as residential rates and all (shires) treat rural residential the same as township.

Do not forget that an equivalent township house will have a higher value than a rural residential property, and will be already paying higher rates.

No justification is provided for the rip-off from township residents and business in Benalla.

No other municipality considers that rural residential should be subsidised.

It should also be noted that the Benalla farm rate is the lowest of surrounding shires.

If you are concerned about this milking of Benalla township write and object to the unjust rating, let your local councillor know what you think, consider carefully who you vote for next election.

If nothing is done there will be no change.

— Max Richards

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