Greta too strong

May 09, 2018

All Blacks player Alara Jones looking for the pass during their game against Greta.


The Benalla All Blacks knew the weekend’s game would be a challenge, with Greta a well-oiled machine that makes few mistakes.

But the Panthers didn’t stop trying to apply pressure.

Bernie O’Brien, Rhiannaon Teichert and Riki Ryan played a fantastic defensive game against competitors who barely missed a goal.

Down the court Emma Sangsta and Erin Crook worked well with goalers Georgia Spencer and Alara Jones. The Panthers played with a can-do attitude but Greta was just too good.


The Panthers took on a very talented Greta side and were able to run away with a 42-35 win. Strong defensive pressure set up the team, with Sal Burgess having a fantastic game. Brooke and Grace worked tirelessly in the ring providing the feeders with plenty of options. Awards went to Sally Burgess, Natasha Blackburn and Grace Bekins.


The All Black girls had a great start to be within four goals in the second quarter. Sarah Green controlled the ball in the mid court, while shooters Kellie McGill and Treena Mcnair worked tirelessly in the ring. The defence had its work cut out for it and unfortunately couldn’t stop Greta’s shooters. Awards went to Sarah Green, Kellie McGill and Alysha Hocking.


Once again the Panthers started the match with fantastic intensity. As the game went on it was clear Greta was going to be a team to watch in finals. The Panthers fought hard for every loose ball and made the most of their opportunities, however Greta was just too good. The end score was 22-76. Awards went to Sarah Kubeil, Chelsea Mackinnon and Paige Blaine.


The under 15s started strong, turning over the very first centre pass of the day and managing to convert it on the scoreboard. Greta followed suit, gaining the next few goals. With plenty of positives to come out of the match for the Panthers, Greta was just too strong, winning the match by 20 goals.

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