Ecological essence captured

By Benalla Ensign

Winton Wetlands’ participation in the Wall to Wall festival has been hailed a huge success.

The site hosted one of this year’s featured murals, by renowned street artist Andrew J Bourke, also known as Sirum.

He was tasked with turning the main interior café wall into an eco-inspired masterpiece, capturing the ecological essence of the site.

With a deep curiosity for the natural world, Andrew’s work is inspired by the energy and beauty that is found within nature.

‘‘Since I was a child, I have found myself curious of the natural world,’’ Andrew said.

‘‘Drawn to the smallest of details, I look to find the space in between.’’

This passion for detail is seen in his finely observed graphic work, and his deft use of colour.

Having refined his craft over many years as an urban artist, Andrew moves between the mediums of aerosol, house paint, charcoal and acrylics with considerable skill.

His work is distinctive for its rich and vibrant colour, ‘technical accuracy’, fast, free-flowing lines; and ambition of scale.

Andrew’s mural work can be seen around the streets of his hometown Melbourne, and throughout much of Australia, thanks to his extensive travels in search of inspiration.

It is his love for country that has led to Andrew’s passion for photography, a further extension of his creativity and often becoming a source of reference that flows back into his work.

Many of Andrew’s artworks can be seen around Benalla, including the ‘‘Kelly Snake’’ at Fruits N Fare and Ned Kelly at Rambling Rose.

Like these murals, the café wall reflects its surroundings and features two local threatened species; a growling grass frog and a tree goanna.

The Wall-to-Wall mural at the Mokoan Hub & Café is a must-see and highlights the variety and expanded footprint of this year’s festival.